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Salem-636011, Tamilnadu, India.
NAAC 'A++' Grade with CGPA 3.61 (Cycle - 3)
State University - NIRF Rank 73 - ARIIA Rank 10



The Department of Mathematics is one of the departments functioning from the inception of Periyar University. The Department offers programmes of study and research leading to M.Sc., M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees and is on a relentless march towards academic excellence. Based on the contributions towards research, University Grants Commission (UGC) has granted Special Assistance Programme (SAP) and Department of Science and Technology (DST) has granted Fund for Improvementof S&T infrastructure (FIST) to this department. The Department conducts various research activities in the following areas:

The department produced 45 Ph.D’s and 150 M.Phil students. Further, 5 candidates cleared NET examinations, 4 candidates cleared GATE examinations and 26 candidates cleared SET examinations. Also the department has published more than 150 research papers both National/Internationally reputed journals with impact factors.

Apart from the above, the department has organized 20 workshops/conferences/seminars at National level by generating funds to the tune of Rs. 20 lakhs from the National funding agencies like NBHM, DST, CSIR, DRDO and generated Rs. 86 lakhs through projects/Non-SAP operated from National funding agencies.

Based on the above activities, UGC & DST recognized this department and sanctioned Rs.80.50 lakhs under Special Assistance Programme (SAP) and Rs. 1.01 Crores under Fund for Improvement of Science and Technology Infrastructure (FIST) respectively for further development of laboratory and library facilities.




M.Sc. (Mathematics)

A candidate who has passed B.Sc. Mathematics, B.Sc. Mathematics C.A. paper with 45% marks. Relaxation of 5% marks for SC/ST and Differently Abled Students.

M.Phil (Mathematics) [as per University Norms]
Ph.D (Mathematics) [as per University Norms]
Value Added CourseBroucher


2018 - 2019 ONWARDS
1 M.Sc. (Mathematics) SYLLABUS
2 M.Phil (Mathematics) SYLLABUS


2016 - 2017 ONWARDS
1 M.Sc. (Mathematics) SYLLABUS
2 M.Phil (Mathematics) SYLLABUS


2015 - 2016 ONWARDS
1 M.Sc. (Mathematics) SYLLABUS
2 M.Phil (Mathematics) SYLLABUS


Conference / Workshop

SI.No Date Name of the Conference/Workshop Number of Participants
1 05.03.2020
National Conference on Partial Differential Equations and Applications 87
2 10.02.2020
National Workshop on Linear Algebra and Applications 140
3 06.02.2019
National Workshop on Analysis and Applications 85
4 04.01.2018
International Conference on Discrete Mathematics 162
5 16.03.2018
National Workshop on Numerical Techniques for Differential Equations 97
6 23.03.2018
National Workshop on Partial Differential Equations 70
7 23.02.2017
National Workshop on Product Graphs 114
8 23.03.2017
Fourth National Conference on Advances in Differential Equations and Applications 100
9 09.03.2017
National Workshop on Differential Equations and Applications 111
10 06.03.2017 Workshop on Mathematica and its Applications 120
11 11.02.2016
National Conference on Recent Trends in Analysis and Applications 104
12 09.06.2016
National Workshop on Advanced Analysis and Differential Equations 70

National Conferences


Special Lectures (Funded by Periyar University)

PhD Awarded

S.No Name of the Scholar Research Supervisor Title of the Thesis Date of Award
2020 - 2021
1 R. Manjuram Dr. V. Muthulakshmi Oscillatory behavior of solutions of second-order impulsive and delay differential equations 06.07.2020
2 C. Palanivelu Dr. A. Muthusamy Super (c,d) – edge antimagic total labeling of graphs and product graphs 03.07.2020
3 M. Ilayaraja Dr. A. Muthusamy Decomposition and uniformly resolvable decomposition of graphs and product graphs 24.08.2020
4 P. Ramesh Dr. M. Sambath Stability and Hopf Bifurication Analysis of Certain fractional order Models in Mathematical Biology 25.02.2021
2019 - 2020
1 A. Abirami Dr. P. Prakash Fractional diffusion models for image denoising 12.07.2019
2 S. Rajeshwari Dr. S. Padmasekaran Direct similarity reductions and exact solutions of nonlinear partial differential equations 13.09.2019
3 S. Jehoashan Kingsly Dr. S. Padmasekaran Modelling and analysis of perishable inventory queuing systems 04.10.2019
4 G. Sathishkumar Dr. S. Karthikeyan Blow-up of certain nonlinear parabolic systems arising in biological models 20.01.2020
2018 - 2019
1 V.N. Deivamani Dr. S. Karthikeyan Solvability of certain nonlinear parabolic systems arising in cancer invasion models 12.07.2018
2 M. Sathya Dr. S. Karthikeyan Studies on controllability of semlinear stochastic systems with delays 28.09.2018
3 S. Pavithra Dr. V. Muthulakshmi Oscillatory behavior of solutions of fractional differential equations 06.06.2019
2017 - 2018
1 A. Deiveegan Dr. P. Prakash Studies on inverse problems for heat, wave and fractional diffusion equations 05.09.2017
2 P. Prabakaran Dr. C. Selvaraj A study on modules with finite weak injective and weak flat dimensions 08.01.2018
3 N. Sivakumar Dr. S. Marshal Anthoni Spectral properties and Weyl type theorems for K- quasi-paranormal operators 16.02.2018
2016 - 2017
1 N. Neela Dr. C. Selvaraj Labeling of graphs of product graphs 08.08.2016
2 T. Govindan Dr. A. Muthusamy 18.10.2016
3 R. Saravanan Dr. C. Selvaraj 25.10.2016
4 S. Usharani Dr. S. Padmasekaran Further study on topological spaces 27.01.2017
5 K. Sundareswari Dr. S. Marshal Anthoni Studies on stability analysis of time delay systems via reliable H∞ control approach 30.01.2017
6 S. Santhakumar Dr. C. Selvaraj Rings characterized by properties of dual automorphism-invariant modules and automorphism liftable modules 02.03.2017
2015 - 2016
1 S. Harikrishnan Dr. P. Prakash Studies on oscillation of impulsive and functional partial differential equations 02.09.2015
2 A. Tamil Elakkiya Dr. A. Muthusamy Decompositions and factorizations of product graphs into Kites, paths and 3.prisms 19.10.2015
3 S. Senthilvelavan Dr. P. Prakash Studies on numerical solutions of fuzzy neutral and fractional differential equations 11.12.2015
4 A. Shanmugavadivu Dr. A. Muthusamy Cycle frames and the Oberwolfach problem 15.12.2015
5 R. Anbuvithya Dr. P. Prakash Studies on qualitative behaviours of neural networks 08.01.2016
6 K. Manickam Dr. P. Prakash Numerical studies on mixed finite element methods for optimal control problems 10.02.2016
2014 - 2015
1 G. Sudhapriya Dr. P. Prakash Numerical solutions for fractional diffusion equations 29.09.2014
2 R. Udhayakumar Dr. C. Selvaraj 26.03.2015
3 S. Jeevadoss Dr. A. Muthusamy Decompositions of graphs and product graphs into paths and cycles 18.05.2015
4 A. Umamaheswaran Dr. C. Selvaraj A study on X-Injective modules 24.06.2015
5 V. Biju Dr. C. Selvaraj 21.05.2015
6 N. Uthirasamy Dr. P. Prakash Studies on numerical solutions of fuzzy boundary value problems and fuzzy partial differential equations 29.06.2015
2013 - 2014
1 V. Ganesan Dr. E. Thandapani Oscillatory and asymptotic behaviour of neutral differential equations with maxima 27.11.2013
2 V. Balasubramanian Dr. E. Thandapani Studies on oscillatory and asymptotic behaviour of second-order neutral type differential equations 24.03.2014
2012 - 2013
1 V. Piramanantham Dr. E. Thandapani Oscillation theory of neutral type dynamic equation on time scale 21.06.2012
2 V. Sivakumar Dr. P. Prakash Numerical study on mixed convection lid-driven cavities 31.10.2012
3 V. Chitra Dr. A. Muthusamy 01.11.2012
4 R. Sangeetha Dr. A. Muthusamy 28.06.2013
2011 - 2012
1 V. Muthulakshmi Dr. E. Thandapani Oscillation and asymptotic behaviour of neutral and impulsive differential equations 06.01.2012
2 R. Raja Dr. S. Marshal Anthoni 09.01.2012
3 T. Geetha Dr. C. Selvaraj 14.03.2012
4 C. Chandran Dr. S. Marshal Anthoni 28.03.2012
2010 - 2011
1 S. Petchimuthu Dr. C. Selvaraj 26.03. 2009
2 V. Kalaiselvi Dr. P. Prakash Studies on numerical solutions of fuzzy differential and fuzzy Volterra integral equations 21.04.2010
3 R. Samidurai Dr. S. Marshal Anthoni Studies on stability of nonlinear impulsive neural networks 27.10.2010


Department of Mathematics
Maths -Ramanujam Computer Lab
Computer Lab
Department Library
Maths Seminar Hall


Name of the Faculty Title of theProject Funding Agency Sanctioned Amount Year Status
Dr.C.Selvaraj The Study of Characters and Cellularity of G-Brauer Algebras UGC 5.62 2007 to 2010 Completed
Dr.C.Selvaraj Cellularly Stratified Algebras and Tilting Modules UGC 11.65 2012 to 2015Completed
Dr.A. Muthusamy Decompositions and Factorizations of graphs DST 10.56 2007 to 2010Completed
Dr.A. Muthusamy Decompositions of Graphs and Product Graphs into Paths, Cycles and Stars DST 10.56 2014 to 2017Completed
Dr.P. Prakash Qualitative Behavior of Solutions of Fuzzy Differential Equations DST 2.52 2007 to 2010Completed
Dr.P. Prakash Mixedand Hybrid Finite Element Methods and Optimal Control Problems NBHM 10.97 2011 to 2014Completed
Dr.P. Prakash Inverse Problems for Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equation UGC 9.29 2012 to 2015 Completed
Dr.S. Karthikeyan Studieson Existence and Blow-up of Solutions of Partial Differential Equations DST 4.39 2016 to 2019Completed
Dr.M. Sambath Stability and Hopf Bifurcation Analysis of Stochastic Predator - Prey Models with Diffusion UGC 10.00 2017 to 2019Ongoing


Name Designation Funding Agency Year
A. Shanmugavadivu Postdoctoral Fellow NBHM, Mumbai
V. Ramanathan Dr. D.S. Kothari Postdoctoral Fellow University Grants Commission, India



Professor and Head
Department of Mathematics
Periyar University
Periyar Palkalai Nagar
Salem – 636011
Tamil Nadu
Ph: 0427-2345766 (Ext.No:253 & 254)
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