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NAAC 'A++' Grade with CGPA 3.61 (Cycle - 3)
State University - NIRF Rank 73 - ARIIA Rank 10
Salem-636011, Tamilnadu, India.

Prof. Dr. R. Jagannathan

Vice Chancellor

  I am always honoured and delighted to serve the country through educating young and vibrant students at various phases in Periyar University. Right from its inception, the university vivaciously rendering yeoman service with the motto “Wisdom maketh the world” by participating in nation building. Contemplating the demand of modern society, we nurture globally competitive skills among rural students and continuously strive to address the national and international concerns on quality of Higher Education through teaching, research and extension activities. We ceaselessly try hard for national and global development by disseminating specialised knowledge and skill. The university offers internships and hands on training through industrial collaborations and MoU’s to ensure job ready stake holders.

  Periyar University strongly inculcate the immersion of students on social work and local community engagement for holistic world view. As per the objectives of Higher Education, Periyar University facilitates holistic education by emphasising and instilling knowledge, wisdom, social order and values of life. Through University departments, centres and affiliated colleges Periyar University provides equitable access to quality higher education especially for students hailing from economically deprived section.

  We focus on various opportunities for the stake holders by the introduction of innovative programmes on emerging thrust areas in line with industry 4.0 and foreign languages. One of the substantial capacities of Periyar University is the culture of collaborative research with national institutions and leading industries. Business Incubation Confederation of Periyar University (BIC@PU) facilitates entrepreneurial development.

  The University has brought in several examination reforms to make the system foolproof and transparent. An integrated examination platform is commissioned at the University to ensure objectivity oriented assessment and timely declaration of results. All examination related grievances are addressed in a time bound manner.

  Periyar University has a vibrant research culture with the involvement of all faculty members actively in basic research as well as applied research which are society driven. The University has a well-defined research policy aiming promotion of generation of new knowledge. The facilities of the University are frequently updated to cater to the needs of the faculty members and scholars.

  Beholding the thoughts of Thanthai Periyar the University has taken a giant step in the empowerment of women through the establishment of Women’s Study Centre and other outreach activities. The University has conducted a gender audit and strives for the promotion of gender equity. Education in Periyar University is aimed at experiential, holistic, integrated, inquiry-driven, discovery-oriented, learner-centred, and flexible. Keeping this in view, efforts are under full swing to adapt to the changing landscape by providing the requisite opportunities to the stakeholders in the University to realise their full human potential and enhance their subject knowledge coupled with people skills and gain hands-on laboratory experience in real-life situations.

  I strongly believe that Periyar University is manifesting future ready generation in the right direction by providing a holistic education. I feel elated as Vice-Chancellor to serve in Periyar University to help students by navigating them in the righteous path to be a better citizen and humane.

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