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Salem-636011, Tamilnadu, India.
NAAC 'A++' Grade with CGPA 3.61 (Cycle - 3)
State University - NIRF Rank 73 - ARIIA Rank 10


The Department of Physics was established in 2004. We are offering Ph.D, M.Phil. and Post Graduate courses under Choice Based Credit System. Faculty members are actively involved in Teaching and carrying out Research on thrust areas. Department of Science and Technology has recognized the Departmental academic and research activities and offered grant under FIST programme. The Post Graduate courses laboratories are fully equipped and advanced practicals are included in the curricula. The UGC is supporting our Department through NON-SAP Programme. We have also established a center for Nano Science & Technology and Solar Energy funded by Government of Tamil Nadu. The UGC shortlisted the SAP – DRS – I proposal of the department.

Research laboratories are established on various branches of Physical Sciences and equipped with sophisticated analytical equipments. Research Projects to the tune of few Crores are being implemented by our faculty members. UV,FTIR,XRD, PL, Dielectric, Ultrasonic interferometer and Diffractometer, Lasers with fiber optical benches, X,Y,Z Micropositioners, Solar cell fabrications (DSSC), Thin film coaters, various types of Furnaces, Deep freezers, Cluster Computing facility are some of the facilities available for R and D activities. Faculty members are collaborating with National and International laboratories and reached MoU with them. Many of our Ph.D. students joined in the reputed institutes in India and Abroad and carrying out Post doctoral Research.


Department of Physics was established with a vision to provide world class Research facility and to inculcate the research aptitude among the students and Research Scholars of this University.


Young and dynamic faculty members of the Department have been geared up to establish laboratories with sophisticated equipments and to carryout research on thrust areas to accelerate of the Departmental activities.


M.Sc. (Physics)

A candidate who has passed B.Sc. Degree Examinations in Physics of this University or examinations of any other university accepted by the syndicate as equivalent there to shall be permitted to appear and qualify for the M.Sc Physics Degree Examinations of this university after a course of two academic year in the Department of Physics of Periyar University.

M.Phil (Physics) [as per University Norms]
Ph.D (Physics) [as per University Norms]
Value Added CourseBroucher


2018 - 2019 ONWARDS
1 M.Sc. (Physics) SYLLABUS
2 M.Phil (Physics) SYLLABUS


2015 - 2016 ONWARDS
1 M.Sc. (Physics) SYLLABUS
2 M.Phil (Physics) SYLLABUS



Department Activities

Extension Activities


Established analytical Laboratories with basic equipments to carryout characterization studies and measurement

Department of Physics
Msc Lecture Hall
General Lab
Energy & Functional material Lab
Instrumentation Lab
Smart materials Lab
Bio Crystallography & Computational Molecular Biology Lab - 2
Bio Crystallography & Computational Molecular Biology Lab
Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab
Computer Lab


Name of the Investigator Title of the project and duration Amount sanctioned (Rs.) Funding Agency
Prof.V.Krishnakumar Influence of swift heavy ion irradiation on the dielectric and optical properties on non-linear optical crystals 19,69,800 DST
Prof.V.Krishnakumar Development of Nonlinear optical crystals: as a source for Terahertz generation 14,99,000 DRDO
Prof.V.Krishnakumar Nanocomposites materials for optical applications 10,47,000 UGC
Prof.V.Krishnakumar Synthesis, growth and optical characterization of pure and rare earth doped (Re: Ce and Er) MgWO4 crystals for scintillating applications 25,17,000 CSIR
Prof.P.Kumaradhas Design of High energetic material: A combined molecular modeling and Electron Density analysis approach 24,60,000 DRDO
Prof.P.Kumaradhas Design of Monopropellant molecules via High resolution X-ray Diffraction 3,72,000 UGC
Dr.G.Velraj ESR Dating Of Archaeological Samples Recently Excavated In South India. 6,15,703 UGC
Dr.G.Velraj Provenance Studies and Determination of Iron Concentration in Archaeological Artifacts using NAA to subject the Samples for Archeomagnetic dating 20,68,000 DAE-BRNS
Dr.L.Kavitha Soliton dynamics in spin ladder systems 4,82,800 UGC
Dr.L.Kavitha Soliton dynamics in inhomogeneous magnetic media 11,80,071 BRNS-YSRA
Dr.L.Kavitha Exact propagating soliton solutions of some nonlinear PDEs governing the director dynamics of nematic liquid crystal medium 9,66,000 NBHM
Dr.E.K.Girija Substituted Nano Hydroxyapatites – Investigations on low temperature synthesis 18,25,400 DST
Dr.E.K.Girija Biomimetic nanocomposite for biomedical applications (Research Mentor) 16,08,000 DST
Dr.E.K.Girija Investigation on the synthesis of biocompatible and biodegradable nanohydroxyapatite based bioprobes 10,13,000 UGC
Dr.J.Kalyana Sundar Synthesis, bulk size growth and characterization of Glycine based metal nitrates and sulphates 6,00,000 UGC


Title of the project Amount sanctioned (Rs.) Funding Agency
Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology & Conversion of Sunlight into Electricity Schemes—Coordinator : Prof.P.M.Anbarasan 1,00,00,000 Government of Tamil Nadu
Center for High Tech Research 2,50,00,000 Government of Tamil Nadu



Professor and Head
Department of Physics
Periyar University
Periyar Palkalai Nagar
Salem – 636011
Tamil Nadu
Ph: 0427-2345766 (Ext.No:246 & 247)
E-Mail :

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