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Salem-636011, Tamilnadu, India.
Reaccredited by NAAC with 'A' Grade - State University
NIRF Rank 83 - ARIIA 4th Rank


The Department of Environmental Science was created in 2011 with the aim of providing innovative knowledge and awareness at the forefront of interdisciplinary sciences focusing on environmental care and renewable energy. The department is established with well-equipped smart classes, laboratory and library, and offers new interdisciplinary curricula for the postgraduate students. The curricula cover the subjects with the current thrust areas of various environmental and renewable-energy sciences. The full spectrum of education and research provided by the Department of Environmental Science is characterized by a passionate commitment to rigorous scholarship and interdisciplinary effort. The Department is striving for industry partnership and collaboration with Foreign Universities, which enable post graduates and research scholars to have direct exposure to industrial careers through internships, scholarships and fellowships.


M.Sc. (Environmental Science)

Candidate who has passed the B.Sc. Degree in Environmental Biology/Life Science/Botany/Zoology/Microbiology/Biotechnology/Biochemistry/Chemistry/Physics/Bioinformatics/Home science/Food Science and Nutrition/B.Sc.(Agri./Forestry)/B.VSc./B.F.Sc./B.Tech./BSMS/BAMS/BUMS or an examination of any other University recognised by the Syndicate as equivalent thereto shall be eligible for admission to M.Sc. Degree Course in Environmental Science.

M.Phil (Environmental Science) [as per University Norms]
Ph.D (Environmental Science) [as per University Norms]



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Name of the Faculty Project Title Funding
Year Funds Provided Status
Dr. P. Thangavel Phytoremedial assessment of metal tolerant flora in the vicinity of metal based industrial clusters of western Tamil Nadu MoEF&CC 2016-2020 50,67,710 Completed
Dr. K. Murugesan Investigation and Development of an Integrated Strategy for Enhanced Degradation of Persistent organic Pollutants and Biogas Production from sewage sludge SERB 2016-2019 35,97,000 Completed
Dr. Jayanthi Palaniyappan Ecological and Molecular toxicity studies of Neonicotinoid pesticide residues on Indigenous Earth worm species DBT 2017-2020 32,25,000 Completed
Dr. L.Sivakumar Functional Role of c-Met in the Regulation of Topol and Pax5 and Therapeutic Inhibition in Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC) DST-SERB 2017-2020 48,08,000 Completed
Dr. P. Sivasankar Bioethanol production from complex hemicellulose agricultural wastes, using actinobacteria as the mediator: A measure of sustainable energy production DST-SERB 2017-2019 19,20,000 Completed
Dr. K. Murugesan Development of an Innovative Bioprocess for Treatment and Recycling of Domestic and Industrial Wastewater DST-WTI 2017-2020 4860400 Completed
Dr. P. Thangavel Insights into the mechanisms of Fe and Cd accumulation in rice: Prospecting towards Fe-enriched Cd-free rice DST 2019-2021 24,93,000 Ongoing
Dr. P. Seedevi Marine natural biopolymer as a mediator to control the viral replication against viral induced mice; a source of Octopus and Seaweeds DST-SERB 2018-2020 19,20,000 Completed


2019 - 2020 ONWARDS
1 M.Sc. (Environmental Science) SYLLABUS


2018 - 2019 ONWARDS
1 M.Phil (Environmental Science) SYLLABUS


2017 - 2018 ONWARDS
1 M.Sc. (Environmental Science) SYLLABUS
2 M.Phil (Environmental Science) SYLLABUS


2014 - 2015 ONWARDS
1 M.Sc. (Environmental Science) SYLLABUS
2 M.Phil (Environmental Science) SYLLABUS




Professor and Head
Department of Environmental Science
Periyar University
Periyar Palkalai Nagar
Salem – 636011
Tamil Nadu
Ph: 0427-2345766 (Ext.No:239 & 240)
E-Mail :

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