Campus Network

The Computer Centre is providing Internet facilities throughout the University Campus  including teaching Faculties, Administrative staff members, as well as the students through 1GB  Speed  by using optic fibre leased lines from BSNL Service Provider. BSNL 1Gbps is connected to Cisco ASR1001 Router which is again connected to Sonic WALL NSA E5600 Firewall and from this Firewall connection is going to core L3switch. Cisco catalyst 3750 L3 switch is at distribution layer and installed at server room, Cisco SGE2000 L2 switch is at distribution layer and install at each building, Cisco SG 300 switch is at access layer install at each Department.

Scope of Work

  • The network will need to be designed based on the location of the different buildings in the University campus where the LAN infrastructure is to be established.
  • All the offices within the range of 100 meters of the POP shall be connected through Ethernet extension.


  • The computing resources at the University are provided for use by staff and students in support of teaching, learning, research, consultancy and administrative activities.
  • The University invests significant resources in the provision of computing resources for university community and wishes to encourage appropriate use by students and staff.

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