41st Indian Social Science Congress


Focal Theme




December 18 and 22, 2017





Hkkjrh; lekt foKku vf/kos'ku

(Formerly Indian Academy of Social Sciences)

HQ: Iswar Saran Ashram Campus, Allahabad 211004


Periyar Palkalai Nagar


NEWS: It is informed to all that the last date for submitting the abstract and the full paper has been extended upto September 30, 2017.

Indian Social Science Academy (formerly Indian Academy of Social Sciences, ISSA) in association with Periyar University shall hold the 41st session of the Indian Social Science Congress between December 18 and 22, 2017 at Salem in Tamil Nadu . ‘Indian University Education System: A Critical Appraisal’ is its focal theme.
There are following 28 subjects/disciplines Research Committees and 21 interdisciplinary Thematic Panels as given below:
(a) Research Committees
1. Agricultural Science
2. Anthropology
3. Archaeology & History
4. Biological or Life Science
5. Biotechnology
6. Chemical Science
7. Commerce
8. Communication & Journalism
9. Computer Science
10. Earth Science (Oceanic Sc, Marine Sc.,Atmospheric Sc. Etc) & Planetary Science
11. Ecological & Environmental Science
12. Economics
13. Education
14. Engineering Science
15. Geography
16. Home Science
17.International Relation Studies & Defence Strategic Studies
18. Juridical Science
19. Linguistics
20. Management Science
21. Mathematical & Statistical Science
22. Medical & Health Science
23. Philosophy
24. Physical Science
25. Political Science
26. Psychology
27. Social Works
28. Sociology
(b) Thematic Panels
1. Conflicts, War, Peace and Social Security;
2. Democracy And Human Rights;
3. Ecological and Environmental Protection Movements;
4. Ethics of Science and Society;
5. Global Warming and Climate Change;
6. History and Philosophy of Science;
7. Information Technology, Mass Media and Culture;
8. Labour in Organized and Unorganized Sectors;
9. Nation, States and Emerging Challenges;
10. Natural Resources, Bio-diversity and Geographic Information System;
11. Patent Laws and Intellectual Property Rights;
12. Peasants, Livelihood and Land-use;
13. Peoples (Dalits, Tribes, Women, Peasants, etc) Struggles And Movements For Equitable Democrati Society;
14. Peoples Health and Quality of Life;
15. Political Economy of India;
16. Population, Poverty and Migration;
17. Rural Technology, Social Organization and Rural Development;
18. Science Communication and Science Popularization;
19. Science, Technology and Society Development;
20. Social Processes, Social Structures and Social Alienation
21. Unity of Science (Science of Nature-Humans-Society)
One can present ones research paper in any area/subject/discipline at the 41st Indian Social Science Congress. One can also present an analytical paper on the issues related to the focal theme, ‘Indian University Education System: A Critical Appraisal’. Papers can be submitted in Hindi or English. Papers can also be submitted in other Indian languages provided that its translated manuscript in Hindi or English is submitted along with the original manuscript.
An abstract of the paper within 500 words should be submitted before September 30, 2017 and the full text of the paper before September 30, 2017. No paper, which is not based on any research or is a copy of research paper of someone else should be submitted. Each paper is to be accompanied by a duly signed ‘Declaration Form’’.
All those whose papers are accepted shall be required to register before November 15,2017. All registered delegates shall be provided free accommodation, food, kits,printed literature and proceedings of the Congress.
Two best papers of the XLI Indian Social Science Congress will be provided Gold Medal.