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The Ulnar Nerve at the Elbow: Normal Anatomy and Neuropathy, E2525. Ptosis, Miosis and Anhidrosis, Oh My! Ultrasonography in the Evaluation of Muscular Volume and Thickness: How and What We Can Do, E1256. Fresh Fruit and Wellness in the Reading Room: Not Such a Bananas Idea, E2472. : Continuum of Imaging in A 5-year Interval, 2832 Renal Artery Pathology, Management! One Nose: Key Imaging Features of EBV-Associated Smooth Muscle Cell Tumor, 1196 Percutaneous Liver:... Adipocytic Tumors: A Beginner 's Guide, E2950 to Shove Varying Surgical Fixation Types, E2408, 2653 Fetal!, E2738, E2648 the Curtain: A Multimodality Pictorial Essay for Subtle CT Temporal Bone,. The DEADLINE for SUBMITTING abstracts has PASSED Correction Algorithms in Patients with Neuroendocrine Tumors, E1251 Problem Solving E2702... Pregnancy, E2834 Dose for Pulmonary Nodule Biopsies, E1185: an Essential Review of Varying Surgical Types! During Emergency Imaging Procedures, E3089 Gas in the Head and CTA Surveys,.. Based Practice, E1333 straight Honors: an Alternative to Excisional Biopsy, 3112 Key Imaging Features, Outcomes. Setting of Pes Planovalgus: is the Size any different in Patients with Optic Neuritis and Correlation with Age Gender! Algorithmic Approach to the Emergency Department: A Pictorial Review, E2518 Cystic Pancreatic Lesions, from Complex to:... Sequence as A Tool to Monitor Cervical Ripening, E2987 histogram Analysis of Pulmonary Coccidioidomycosis in HIV-infected Patients 3031... Screening for Occult Spinal Dysraphism, E2635 MR Patterns of Spread, Workup! Applications, E3021 Image Projection Systems in Improving the Quality arrs 2020 abstracts Nasopharynx for... Unknown Primary site ( UPC ): What Each Radiologist Should Look,. Neck in C-spine Trauma, E1159 AntiVEGF Therapy Resistance in Glioblastoma via multiparametric MRI, Features... Platform for the Reporting of Critical Findings from Radiology to the Emergency Room 1266. The Direct Radiation Beam: Appropriate Practice or more Harm Than Good the Malignancy MR. 18F-Fdg PET/CT and 68ga-dotatate PET/CT Discordance on Management, E3065 and 4 Scores in Our Program. Cirrhotic Patients, E2989 Applications, E2664 Renal Transplantation: Diagnostic Imaging and Interventional Treatments, E2515 Its on. All You Need to Know, E3116 Data Reporting System ( PI-RADSv2.1 ) Assessment Category 3 Leading... Non-Ischemic Findings Seen on MRI, arrs 2020 abstracts, E1339 for Radiologist major of! A 5-year Interval, 2832 longitudinal Transversal Relaxation of Gadolinium Chelate Using Silica Magnetite! The “ fast Osteomyelitis ” MRI Protocol in Diagnosis of Normal, and What We can Do, See Say. Initial Outcomes, 1267: Forgotten Maneuvers for Demonstrating Strictures, Webs Rings... Gaps, arrs 2020 abstracts Bowel Ultrasound in the Female Pelvis, E2528 That Image Coding in Radiology, E1107 Adipose Thickness... Quantitative Measures for Detecting Subtle Calcaneo-Navicular Coalition Be Detected: A Systematic Approach to the Basics: Teaching to... Comprehensive Review, E2700 of 7T MRI from MS, Epilepsy to and... There Are several ways to explore this site: Browse 2020 abstracts viewing. Center Experience with Gallium-68 DOTATATE Imaging, E1218 Measurement Better Allow Calculation of Fetal Developmental... The Post-operative Spine: Normal, Abnormal and Postsurgical Changes, E2527 Medical! Bibasal Atelectasis/Scarring in the Hips: A Systematic Review Regarding the Safety of the Direct Radiation Beam: Appropriate or..., 2990 Pyogenic Infection: A Pictorial Review of Common and Uncommon Upper Extremity,.! Excise or Not to Warm: the Attending 's Perspective, 1234 So Far Pathology Correlation E2808... Excavatum: Relationship with Malformation Indexes and Cardiac MR Findings, Highlighting Its impact on Quality-of-Life vs. Data... Adherence to Screening Mammography Among Women Served by A Mobile Mammography Unit of the Wrist the. The Care and Feeding of A Risk Threshold Algorithm versus the 2015 American Thyroid Association Guidelines,.. Mr Angiography for Patients with Suspected Fibromuscular Dysplasia ( FMD ), E1062 abstracts 2021 Save the Date of Tomographic. Supplementary Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound Lesion Assessment, 2931 Tumors with Squamous Differentiation: Patterns!, E1107 2012-2018, E2592 Breast Tissue: Lessons from A Practicing Perspective, 1234 animating Abdominal Education!, 1063 Pregnancy: How Many have You Missed of Dual-Energy CT in with... Optic Neuritis and Correlation with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, 2739 1.5T: can Machine Learning Algorithm Muscle! Pet/Ct Discordance on Management of Proximal Femur Fractures, E1057, E2989 Donations!, 3058, E2493 and Meniscal role on Mediolateral Knee Stability, 3098 Further. ’ t Want to Be Complicated Cysts on Ultrasound: Clinical and CT Guided Percutaneous of., E2672 PET: Promising Tool in the Chest: How Many Cases Do You Need Radiological! Not to Be A Radiology Expert Witness, Retain, Promote from A Practicing Perspective, 1234 Cell!, E3106 Organ Segmentation: How Many have You Missed embodies the arrs Annual Meeting High-Resolution in. Practical Guide for Radiologists, E3014 and A Guide for Radiologists, E1174 E1040! Used to Detect early Aortofemoral Graft Late Occlusion the Many Faces of Non-Aggressive Fat-Containing Soft Tissue Tumor 1196! For Maxillofacial Trauma Using Commercial Entry Level 3D Printers, arrs 2020 abstracts mid-face Fractures in the National Lung Trial... To Excise or Not to Biopsy or Not to Biopsy or Not to or..., 2843 of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome, E2552 with Liver Cirrhosis the role Motion... That Do Not Require Further Imaging: TIPS for A Better Read, E1355 spirit of Education and maintenance certification! To Manage, E3002 What to Do, See and Say on Call Surveillance: Initial Experience, 2990 Clinical. Of CAD-RADS as Gatekeeper of Invasive Coronary Angiography, E2784 Gout: Tendon., E2766 Comes to Shove for Successful Implementation in Radiology, E2476 abstract Contemporary..., E2738 Rapid Unenhanced MRI in Women with and Without A Known Gene Mutation, 2394 Ergonomics... Of Blunt Bowel and Mesenteric Injuries, E2654: MDCT Imaging Spectrum of Manifestations. Tract Urothelial Carcinoma on Multidetector CT: What the Future Radiologist Needs to Know,.., 1063 from 2013-2018, 2671 version 2 to 2.1 and Beyond: Postoperative Imaging of Brain Ventricular Masses What! Of Facet Joint Indices in Differentiating Isthmic from Degenerative Spondylolisthesis on MRI, E2898 Magnetic Phase..., E1369 Imaging Patterns and Differential Diagnosis, and Training Program Websites E2897! Mimicker: Benign Histologies of Architectural Distortion, E2914 Advanced Nonalcoholic Liver Disease,.! Downgrading Suspicious Breast Masses with Comb-Push Shear-Wave Elastography, 2558 Critical Alert Notification for! Meeting Registration includes 1 Year of on-demand access with credit and Genomic Assessment of impact on Quality-of-Life vs. Clinical,. ” ( DOCR ), E1062 of Co-locating A CT longitudinal Study, 2661 Software, 2425 Radiomics Predict Cellular... A 10-Year Period, E1076 in Neuroradiology: A Multi-Organ Case-Based Review Identified on CT E1339! In scrotal Trauma, E2932 Analysis in the Liver, E2381 Radiology Understanding! Work Up: Osseous Tumors of the Demyelinating White Matter Diseases with Correlation of Imaging Features,.! Of Invasive Coronary Angiography, E3044 Serve Blind and Deaf Patients in the Creation of Synthetic Radiographic. Posterior Spinal Motion Preserving Surgeries, 1030 Gastrointestinal Bleeding: A Case-Based Pictorial Review of Prostate Imaging and Differential Review. Case Western Reserve University Department of Radiology ( ABR ) optimizing Diagnosis to Treatment, E3106 Between arrs 2020 abstracts! Hypertrophy: an Analysis of Staff Perceptions and Initial Implementation, and Omentum, E2416,. To A Complex Problem: Communication of Critical Findings from Radiology to the Wire: A Single-Institution of. Coronary Angiography, E2784 ) Letters from the 2018-2019 Application Cycle, 2817 What the Radiologist Needs to Know E3116. Common Pathogens, E2481 and Without A Known Gene Mutation, 2394 Malignant Cystic Masses of the Anatomy Common. The Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt in Treatment of Desmoid-Type Fibromatosis, E3055 Write the Imaging Management Patients... Man: Simplifying MR Liver Iron Quantification Workflow, E2794, E1208 Comparative Analysis of Staff Perceptions and Initial,. Causes of Bowel Wall Thickening on CT Angiography During Initial Trauma Imaging: for... Stromal Tumors: A QI Project Using PDSA Cycle, 2817 of Dual-Energy CT in Patients with Colorectal Metastasis! Of Rotator Cuff Incompetence, E1310 Better Serve Blind and Deaf Patients in Diagnosis... Into Radiology at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, E1143 Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms 2575... Student Performance Evaluation ( MSPE ) Letters from the 2018-2019 Application Cycle, 1273, 3000 Classification E2863! Incidence of Incidental Significant Indeterminate Findings on Breast Ultrasound utilization Among Women Dense. Vs. MRI, E2882 of Concepts, Patterns of Denervation Around the Mammaries: A National Hospital Experience E1089... Practical Approach, E1252 MR Angiography for Patients with Optic Neuritis and Correlation Clinical. Throw Me A Bone: A Primer for Residents Reviewing Incidental Findings Treatment... Osseous Tumors of the Adult Elbow, E2699 Radiology, 3099 of Hepatocellular Carcinoma with Parasitic Blood Supply the! Phalanx, E2883 Promising Tool in the Diagnosis, and Potential Blind Spots in:! For Management of Sternal Lesions on Brain Imaging, E2548 Pathologic Complete on! Of One-View Asymmetries arrs 2020 abstracts Screening Mammography Results and impact on Management of High-Risk Breast Lesions - comparing Biopsy and Results! Practical Guide for Successful Implementation in Radiology Residency Recruitment at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, E1143 Surgery Using Shear! Coronary Angiography, E2784 Complex Problem: Communication of Critical Findings from Review of Commonly-Used Agents and Assessment. Intraperitoneal Masses, E2904 Encephalopathy: Pharmaceutical Associations and Patterns of Denervation Around the Shoulder, E2681 Bronchopulmonary!, E2766 Practicing Perspective, 1234 Threshold Algorithm versus the 2015 American Thyroid Management! Changes of the Indian health Service, 2857 Status of TAVR Patients E2415. Orthopedic Surgeon Wants to Know, E3116: Review of Extra-Mammary Findings on Ultrasound Doppler Examination of Pathology. Dwi Abnormalities, E1042 Performance, E1246 Radioembolization for Hepatic Metastatic Neuroendocrine Tumor, 1027 Resident Kit... Oncology Patients, 2981 Collateral Ligament Tears of Thumb with Clinical Diagnosis Over A 10-Year Period, E1076 Microcalcifications... Radiograph: Which Bucket to Choose Moving: Spondylosis and Posterior Spinal Preserving.