I have made a team just for battle subway and i want some feedback about how it is. This works exactly like it does in the games before it, the more trainers you battle, the higher your streak, the more battle points you receive and the harder the battles become. Occa Berry makes Bronzong have essentially no weaknesses for the first turn, while Leftovers grants longer-term recovery. Your talent has brought you to the destination called Victory! Quiver Dance. Edit. Losing one battle will reset the challenger's win streak to zero. Of course, this works best for Pokemon with one prominent weakness that you want to avoid; if you try and make a list of Pokemon that could hit your Abomasnow with a super effective move, your list will probably contain over half the subway Pokemon! Substitute is a staple as it blocks status and protects your Pokemon from critical hits should the opponent manage to hit despite its reduced accuracy. Battle Subway and Battle Institute (All versions): Single Battle and Wi-Fi: file 20. quote Disillusioned. Thanks to Level 51 for doing some great research on the IVs of subway Pokemon. I can't ever get past battle 14 (Singles train) but mine is just the team I beat the game with. NOTE: I do not keep track of EV's but i do EV train. Trick Room isn't a threat you can really, or should really, prepare for, though (unless you are using a TR team yourself!). I can't ever get past battle 14 (Singles train) but mine is just the team I beat the game with. Prankster In Pokemon Sword and Shield, you can do tournaments in Wyndon Stadium. ". Unlike other Pokemon who cripple the opposing lead Pokemon, Durant can do so in a single turn with Entrainment. If the player wins all seven battles they can earn battle points and exchange them for various gifts. Once you build up a nice bank of subway Pokemon you can start to mix and match them, experimenting with different combinations to see what works best for you. Here's a sample crippling set for Mesprit, used by Jumpman16: Mesprit @ Choice Scarf See more: The first three dangers are unavoidable unless you use very specific tools to get around them (e.g. Hax: it happens. Swords Dance . Battle subway team. However, in a first, you can also battle the Subway Masters in this mode. I need some help with my Subway Doubles team: Politoed@Wacan Berry Nature: Modest Ability: Drizzle EVs: 252 in HP and SpA, 6 in SpDef-Scald-Ice Beam-HP Grass-???? NOTE: I do not keep track of EV's but i do EV train. And I found out how horrible my current team is. Battle Subway Trainers. That is, you would of course be wary of an Alakazam or any other Psychic-type one-shotting your Toxicroak, but you might get caught off guard by a Ninetales's Extrasensory or an Electivire's Psychic achieving the same result. Like weather-based strategies, Trick Room (TR) teams succeed by controlling a field effect that gives their Pokemon the advantage. Close Combat. Prankster Tailwind users are excellent because their ability gives Tailwind +1 priority, almost guaranteeing that they can get the wind blowing on the first turn. I want to keep this pokemon in my team … 2. Solid TR setters tend to be bulky, have good defensive typing, and benefit from TR themselves. Yet, it's EV trained, with good natures and good movepools and I can't get past the second row of battles. SUBWAY® is now hiring, and a wide range of local restaurant jobs and headquarters jobs are available at locations near you. Scrolling down to the Super Subway Trainers section (given the low difficulty of the regular lines, determining their Pokemon's sets is really not necessary) in the second link reveals a compilation of Trainer names followed by a list of numbers. i need more options. watch 03:03. Levitate Speed is one of the most, if not the most, important stat in competitive Pokemon, and it is no different in the Battle Subway. Ive decided to take on the battle subway and I cant decide who to use as my third pokémon... im thinking a fire type ( When they join you, they'll offer you a choice of multiple teams for you to pick from. If your opponent is poison, steel or has an ability that nulls toxic, switch to garchomp. Here is a link to the Speed tiers in the subway, courtesy of fluffyflyingpig. ... Epic saxophone battle on subway. EV's: 252 speed/ 252 att/ 4 hp For single battles, I have an EV trained Volcarona, with 252 speed, 252 special attack and 6 HP. For the Battle Subway, there can't be a [Perfect Team] as you say. The best ways to win in my experience are: As you can see, all of them include some kind of offence, so my point is, just go for any damn offence, EV train in Attack a lot, and teach your Pokemon hard hitting STAB's. Credit for making the lists of subway Pokemon and subway Trainers goes to Team Rocket Elite. Teams that employ this strategy use 1-2 cripplers with the remaining slot(s) dedicated to setup sweepers. This is a standard Super Double Battle so bring your best team Double Battle: file 34. This stickman-game is a cool turn-based game where each turn you can choose to increase the size of your army, improve the skills of your current fighters or use extra tools to defeat your enemy stickmen. Moves such as Explosion, Memento, Volt Switch, and U-turn are problematic, especially if the opponent manages to KO your Durant before you can use Entrainment again. … The trains. When acquiring and EV training TR Pokemon, it's important to keep in mind that they prefer a Speed reducing nature, a 0 IV in Speed, and no Speed EVs. A key component to TR based teams is the Pokemon that initially sets up TR. As with the Single Line, you will face this new Subway Master on your 21st consective battle in the Double Battle line. Given the move's -7 priority, the TR setter is very susceptible to status, flinching, Taunt, or simply being KOed by powerful attacks. Check the Battle Subway Speed Tiers to see which Pokemon will "outspeed" you in TR. In Beheeyem, Duosion, and the Dream Thief!, their act… Ideally, a TW setter has high Speed, the Prankster ability, or significant bulk. This is particularly true for the Battle Subway—it's very easy to overlook some of your team's weakness simply given the wide variety of Pokemon the subway throws at you. Donphan's Sturdy ability gives it a second opportunity to OHKO one of your team members. Hello everyone! However, your journey has just started. Attack 252 Spd. In a similar manner to the Battle Towers of Johto, Hoenn & Sinnoh, Unova has its own battle system, the Battle Subway. Each time a challenger defeats a Trainer, Battle Points, or BP, will be awarded. Battle Subway is a feature in Pokémon Black and White that is a circular station, which is the only way enter Anville Town. You can battle people and get BP! EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 Spe Compare EV spreads and put your team to the test. Is there a lot of people that fit this description? In the Battle Subway, what is the "Under Construction" area for? Durata: 01:34 04/02/2020. When you access the Battle Subway, you enter into a massive circular station. Impish Nature In the anime, the Battle Subway served as the typical public transportation for the citizens of Nimbasa City, and also features Battle Trains that Trainers may battle on. nature: +speed -sp att In Super trains, Trainers exclusively use fully-evolved Pokémon, with the exception of Porygon2, from all regions. One downside to this playstyle is the length of time each battle takes—spending time crippling the opponent's lead, setting up, and then sweeping is considerably longer than just plowing through an opponent's team. The Battle Tree is similar to the Battle Maison, Battle Subway, and Battle Towers from the previous generations. Not basing a team around a particular concept and instead selecting 3 or 4 Pokemon that simply work well together is very viable. These charts may look intimidating at first, but they're actually fairly easy to use. Here is my team: Metagross Item: Occa Berry Nature: Adamant EVs: 252 hp, 252 attack, 4 speed Moves: Bullet Punch, Zen Headbutt, Earthquake, Explosion Metagross makes a great lead. The challenger needs three P… rock slide History Talk (0) Share. A strange thing happened in the battle subway? - Entrainment Post anything you'd like about the Subway and the PWT here. It's no doubt that participating in the Battle Subway takes time, effort, and experience. All guides and strategy information are © 2004-2019 Smogon.com and its. As such, Pokemon with high attacking stats that may suffer from low to middling Speed stats are excellent options. Discussion in '5th Gen In-Game RMT' started by Scrufox86, Nov 22, 2011. A subway where players can participate in seven battles at a time. Well-built teams can get around most Trick Room users with careful playing, even if they manage to successfully set up. You can ask others on this site to rate your teams! This is a very defensive Bronzong set that reliably sets up TR, can deal decent damage with Gyro Ball, potentially flinches the opponent with Rock Slide, and supports your team; the EV spread can be tweaked if a more offensive Bronzong is desired. Browse career opportunities with SUBWAY® and discover how you can join our team! 1v1v1v1 auf Subway Smurfers! The addition of Truant Durant has provided an extremely effective option for the Cripple and Set Up strategy. Also look out for Roughnecks Ganymed and Proteus—all of their possible Pokemon, except one, carry OHKO moves. The main goal of weather-based teams is, of course, to control the weather that gives your Pokemon an advantage. Earn Battle … A couple of saxophone players decide to test their skills against one another and jam out! For the Battle Subway, there can't be a [Perfect Team] as you say. The purpose of the crippler Pokemon is to hinder the opponent's lead by reducing its Attack/Special Attack, Accuracy, and Speed in addition to locking it into one move. Sawk w/ rocky helmet - Brick break, Close combat, Counter, Bulk Up, Bassculin w/ Blackglasses - Aqua tail, Duble-edge, Soak, Crunch, Emboar w/ Charcoal - Head smash, Flamethrower, Flame Charge, Poison Jab EVs: 204 HP / 252 Atk / 20 Def / 28 SpD / 4 Spe Sometimes, however, you cannot determine what set the opponent is running without additional information—some Trainers use multiple different sets of the same Pokemon. What are your teams for doing the battle subway? Bug Buzz. - Earthquake shadow ball This crippling strategy is much more successful than other styles because it is incredibly consistent. earthquake Brick Break. Gallade Lvl 79 Maxed out ATK and SPD EV's. Outrage. I'd rather play it defensively than offensively so my idea would be 1 Physical Wall & 1 Special Wall & a good offensive Pokemon. The Battle Subway has 8 lines, 7 are with specific battle circumstances and all of those require you to beat seven trainers in a row for Battle points. In all of the battle modes, each Pokémon the playe… Here's a compilation of all the subway Pokemon that have an OHKO move. ice beam I'm using Dragonite, Blaziken and Haxorus, all EV trained (no need to worry about items) I really don't want to use so many Dragon-types, but I'm going to keep either Haxorus or Dragonite on [Haxorus has way higher speed, but Dragonite has better defenses, which means Dragon Dance can be used without fear of it being one-hit KOed, unless the opponent has a super-effective move] I also have … Jolly Nature I want to keep this pokemon in my team if possible. wait, the regular train, or the super train, no, the super train needs different type of team work...this works out fine for the regular battle subway though, I dont use setting up/stat boosting moves in subway, I wanted to go with a completely different team than flare, but you can switch glaceon for hydreigon if you want to.