(cement tiles are made with marble dust) what happens if you dribble some water on your tiles? which company? I was looking to remove some moss and the next thing I knew… there was a completely new-ish looking area on my weathered, grey, teak outdoor table. be safe to use around your lawns and landscaping, 8 Tips to Get Your Siding Looking Fantastic, 8 Tips for Making Your Outdoor Living Spaces Shine, 8 Tips for Cleaning an Outdoor Surface for Painting, Staining, or Repairs. 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner cleans stains from Algae, Mold and Mildew from anything outdoors. Hello Dave, 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner breaks down readily in the soil and so it will not harm the root system of your plants and garden. We hope that you will be willing to try 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner for yourself. Works well for us….. 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner will start to lose efficacy over time. We have an aluminum pontoon boat will it work on the painted side? Spray away outdoorstains like a pro. If your machine ends up with too much foam, then you can try something else to use up the product. We would not recommend cleaning if it is below freezing outside. It’s not pretty, but it won’t kill the plant. Does 39 seconds lose potency over time. Or have you? It's VERY expensive bleach. I have hard water stains on a newer screen from the well water irrigation sprinklers..would your product clean them? Here’s how to keep marble clean and looking amazing, You might think it’s self-cleaning, but your dishwasher needs regular upkeep to keep it working hard for you, Clean these often-neglected areas and your house will look and feel better, Ditch the commercial cleaners for nontoxic, inexpensive and versatile white vinegar, Ready your furniture for spring and summer with these tips for removing sunscreen stains, mildew and more, Preserve a spotless view with these guidelines for keeping soap scum, hard water spots and dirt at bay on glass surfaces around the home, Learn the pros’ tips and tricks for cleaning windows and getting them streak-free, Are you wary of using chemicals to clean? I would mix the TSP according to the directions on the box...if I recall it's a couple of Tablespoons in a gallon of water for general cleaning, and add clorox...I would add a cup of clorox...and that's a strong bleach solution.Try it...the ingredients are cheap....if it doesn't work, mix another batch using 1/2 as much water.Linda C, Best home made remedy we use for our decks is a large plastic pail (4 gallon) + 1 gallon bleach + 1 lg box baking soda - wet surface , brush on , re-wet , give light brushing - hose or power wash off - like new at 1/4 the cost of any deck cleaner.If using store bought - Olympic Deck cleaner is the best we have ever seen and used but at a cost - to each his own. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance with your cleaning project. $33.13 $ 33. My mom mixed the 30 Seconds Cleaner into a water pitcher. Spray a small amount of cleaner, let sit 5 minutes, and rinse to see results. just depends what he used and how he used it. People often think our outdoor cleaner will act like a regular household bleach. This common misconception comes up from time to time, since 30 SECONDS is a Sodium Hypochlorite based product. (I really don’t have a chemist ), Sincerely, The answer has always been that bleach is essentially the same in any form and only the concentration changes. AFAIK there is only one kind of sodium hypochlorite—NaClO. tried two name brand household bleaches prior with no results except removing surface grime. We do encourage testing when cleaning a surface for the first time. Clorox Clean-Up® is a powerful cleaning and disinfecting spray that tackles the ickiest messes – and its new Smart Tube Technology™ lets you spray every last drop. 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner is safe to use around pools. I can imagine hundreds of people using this and bleach pouring into the sea. We do always encourage testing when cleaning a new surface for the first time, though. Here are nontoxic solutions for often-overlooked cleaning jobs, Acidic solutions can damage your marble surfaces. It is best to find the Material Safety Data Sheet of Wet and Forget and 30 Seconds products, to compare the concentrations that are being used. 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner is made to be safe on most all outdoor surfaces including brownstone stoops. I rarely write or post a review about anything but For a no-rinse option, consider Spray & Walk Away. Husband wants to spray our enclosed back porch with 30 Seconds and NOT rinse afterward (just let it air dry). Surfaces should be rinsed and dried before they are walked on to prevent cleaner from being tracked into your home. Simply apply a small amount to an inconspicuous area, let sit about 5 minutes, and rinse to see results. Can I stain after using this product or should I use a deck neutralizer first to lower the ph ? I have tried homemade versions of bleach and water and have not gotten anywhere the same results. My name is Chris and I’m 9 years old. We are sorry to hear that you learned you have a bleach allergy. The well is situated beside the house slightly downhill from the back deck and next to the front deck. I've got cement tiles from CleTile and The Cement Tile Shop. Thank you for your question. You are correct. Cheers! We, too, value or natural resources and as long as our cleaner is used as instructed, no harm will come to the local flora and fauna. Thank you. Come see why we are the Original and Still the Best since 1977. Thanks! We would love to see pictures and how we can help. Hello Deanna, Thank you for sharing your experience. From dirty patio furniture to stains on your sidewalk, Clorox Pro Results Outdoor Bleach Cleaner makes cleaning and While it certainly won’t make any wood boring insects happy, it won’t kill them off in the way that you’re intending. I thought we were a sea loving people here in NZ, we love the beaches and care for our whales and dolphins. 30 Seconds outdoor cleaner cleans algae, mold and mildew from anything outdoors. Cheers! But modern scientists discovered it by separating Sodium Hypochlorite from seawater. Happy gardening! Hello James, Great product as this is the first time I have used it.! Thanks! When in these situations, I keep my water clean. We do not encourage leaving our outdoor cleaner to dry on a surface. I just used 30 Seconds on a deck, patio, and stairs. Cheers! We have even had customers do trials for us, because they were so dubious (or suspicious?). you could have a marble floor restorer come out and refinish the tops for you. I would definitely recommend the product, though, cover all your skin areas :). Which is why if you notice when using 30 second cleaner it SMELLS like BLEACH and RUINS your clothes! Sorry, but at this time the hose-end sprayer is a non-refillable item. Hello Rhonda, Our cleaner is intended to be rinsed off completely. This product works GREAT! No 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner does not contain ammonia. Thank you for sharing, Diego! © 2005-2021 COLLIER Manufacturing, LLC. 13 ($0.46/Fl Oz) FREE Shipping. All kidding aside I give your product an A++. It is watered down bleach , hence why they will not respond when people say it is bleach on here. Just my opinion. We do always recommend testing in a small, inconspicuous area first. Keep your pool swim-ready with Clorox® Pool&Spa™ products. 502 is a silicone sealant. While they should be colorfast materials, being on a boat, it’s always a good idea to test first. I’m trying to decide which of your products is most economical for this application. I do like the steam mops. A good idea to test your clothes for colorfastness before application too. Hello Keith, I do have a film, a very slippery film on top of my pressure treated wood deck after application. No more pressure washing. While we haven’t done a side by side comparison with cleaning vinegar, in general it is used to clean quite a bit differently than products like our Outdoor Cleaner. 30 Seconds has done an incredible job removing mildew/algae/stains from our fences & siding….is it just as effective on boat vinyl cushions and on boat fiberglass/gelcoat? The most affordable option is to use our concentrate and a tank sprayer. The roof now looks honestly brand new. Only caution is to ensure that you’re wearing rubber gloves. This is why it doesn’t harm plants or landscaping as well! They haven’t been planted into my garden yet, only in the plastic starter containers. It isn’t normal to have any residue left behind, especially something slippery. While putting up the gutter guards, I also wiped the gutters with a rag moistened with the diluted mixture for added cleaning. Contact them and ask which sealer they recommend. That is very unusual about your paint. Have your chemist call my chemist and we’ll do lunch. Sparkling clean.. even the ones from the kitchen and bath. Bleach is not a great wood cleaner, it can damage the wood fibers Hello Stephanie, 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner can be used on a variety of surfaces; wood decks, concrete driveways, sidewalks, stucco, vinyl siding, brick walls, plastic outdoor furniture, you name it. Is it safe to use this product on deck stain {single coat} that was applied 12 months ago; it is high quality clear coat semi transparent deck stain applied to a western red cedar wooden deck? 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner does not contain regular household bleach. Hello CW, I found that in some areas my wood did appear to be whitened but as I hosed it off using the stream spray setting on my hose, the white disappeared and the wood color appeared. Spray on, sit 10 minutes, use 24" surfacer with final wand rinse. Or, you could use 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner which will work better without killing your grass. Can it be used on outdoor limestone retaining walls or could it break down the limestone? While our cleaner works great on organic stains, unfortunately it won’t do much against hard water, rust, or mineral build up stains in general. I also use pledge on the shower rod. You can use a sealer that's meant for natural stone. In general, it's a good idea to remove pets and children from an area when cleaning it and to follow label precautionary instructions. For a job that size, its a bit of a matter of preference. We think they should be fine, especially if your mother rinsed the container after using it. It also has TSP and "a surfactant", which is essentially what soap or detergent is. The ready-to-spray option, with the 64oz Hose End Sprayer, is certainly the fastest, easiest way to go. The colour of the umbrella is an apple green – will it lighten or fade the colour ? A glance at the ingredients shows only bleach and tsp, plus inert ingredients. If the runoff would flow directly into the well, then we wouldn’t recommend using our cleaner. If it's outdoors and dirty from humidity and wet weather, 30 Seconds can clean it all. Spray a small amount of cleaner, let sit 5 minutes, and rinse to see results. WHEW.. does that make for a fast shower curtain pull! On MOST NOT ALL, MIX 50% Hypo/50% water/1 teaspoon Dawn per gallon. It’s best to minimize the amount that gets into the water, and we encourage rinsing away from the pool as much to keep out the stains that are being cleaned as the cleaner itself. Rinsed surrounding landscape before and after. yes, 4. cement tiles are very porous. Can I use your product to shock my pool every two weeks to reduce algae? Give us a call at 503-669-1953. What would you recommend? We love hearing from our fans. Our Spray & Walk Away is an overtime treatment that is bleach free, perhaps that will work for your project? I'm not saying that steam mops aren't better than mopping,I don't know, I'm just saying that the keeping things clean is important when cleaning. Thank you so much for your words of praise, Deanna. Plus, our cat goes on the porch. Hello Carol, Clorox ® Original Concentrated Bleach makes stain removal easier. How are your starts? The life of a quality deck stain is not very long, about 2 years, my concern is if your product will shorten the lifespan of the stain? The results are clear to see! Hello Michelle, Can this be used on a tub enclosure? I don't have any experience with staining or coloring grout but, I'd imagine there are some products that work better than others there too and, from what I've read in this post, the Ameritech must be a good one. I add ½ cup to the toilet bowl, swish it around with the toilet brush, and then let … Rub a dirty steam mop pad across your grout lines for a period of time and chances are, the grout will get dirty too. Did I just poison my starters? We are so pleased that you trusted 30 SECONDS with your 100-year-old marble marker. When it comes to removing stains from Algae, Mold, and Mildew, however, 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner is the fastest, easiest outdoor cleaner on the market. Trust me I’ve tried many and I was completely impressed by your product. Eucalyptus oil for germy door handles. I plan on staining my deck after cleaning it. just make sure you get the matte finish (enhancing sealer is an option if you want the colors to deepen) The tile shop doesn't know poo. Is this product safe for plants in that if you sprayed a plant and did not rinse it off with water within say 1 day. TSP/90, sold by my local Ace Hardware, is not real TSP. I love this product. TIA! We do try do our best to always respond promptly to all comments, including yours. Thank you so much for sharing. For anyone using mops to clean their floors, having clean water would most definitely be beneficial. I have been raving to everyone about this stuff and am thrilled about not having to replace the roof anytime soon. Makes them easier to dust off in between the yearly washing of them. We are glad to hear you were happy with your clean! Sounds like we are on the same page!
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