About the College

Periyar University College of Arts and Science, Idappadi was started by Government of Tamil Nadu by GO (Perm) No: 81, dated on 29-05-2012. It is a constituent college of Periyar University and affiliated on 11-08-2012. Idappadi Taluk is educationally most backward area. So, the Government put forth the step to develop this area in Education.
The College is surrounded with 12.03 acres of land and has 4609 sqmts. of RCC building in Thangayur panchayat and it is running in its own premises. It is the nearer village to Idappadi. The College is situated 5kms from Idappadi in the highway of Sankari.
The College started its academic career from 2012 with five Under Graduate courses. They are B.A.English., B.Com., B.B.A., B.Sc.,Mathematics and B.Sc.,Computer Science. In 2016, two Under Graduate courses and two Post Graduate courses were started. They are B.A Tamil, B.Sc Physics, M.Com., and M.Sc., Mathematics.Additionaly,in 2017 M.A English Post Graduate started, Now 1113 Students are studying in the above courses.


The Vision of our college is to impart the knowledge and skills of rural students in order to face and meet the growing challenges in social, cultural and technical needs of the society and higher education in Global Scenario.


The Mission of our college is to create the students to play an active role in making our nation as a fore-runner in all fields and educate, ensure and empower to avoid the superstitious beliefs in human rights and self employment.


Our College provides high-quality, affordable, student- friendly and easily accessible educational services for rural and remote students.

We are highly effective and flexible in responding to state and community demands, where we are guided by the principles of inclusiveness, integrity, innovation, creativity, quality and adapting to a global socio- economic system.