The department of Psychology tries to fulfill the vision of social reformer Periyar E. V. Ramaswamy by promoting equal opportunities to students across the country. The department carries energy and dynamism, providing students with excellent opportunities for personal growth and professional excellence. The focus is on the wholesome development of students, interlacing classroom experience and practical exposure. Expertise of faculty in the department ranges from Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy to Cyber Psychology and Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Workshops, seminars, conferences and invited lectures are organized frequently for the enrichment of students to get connected with professionals in the field.


  • Supervised peer coaching for NET/SET Exams
  • An ambience that promotes fresh ideas and free discussion
  • Key focus on employability of students. Assistance provided for clinical and organizational internship and practice
  • Secured accommodation provided for boys and girls separately within the campus
  • Located on the Salem-Bangalore National Highway: 200 Kilometers from Palakkad (Kerala) and 200 Kilometers from Bangalore (Karnataka)
  • Professional Training and Network Building through workshops, conferences and departmental initiatives
  • Integration with Professional Community through invited lectures by practitioners in the field
  • Monthly twice clinic visit to the Psychiatric Hospital at Salem



  • To holistically develop students who would be contended and successful in dealing with the psychological challenges at personal, professional and social level


  • To impart value based knowledge through teaching and research
  • To ignite the spark in the students to reach their fullest potential
  • To develop students and scholars with competencies necessary to face the challenges in their personal and professional life, in turn they help others in society
  • To provide Counselling for various emotional and behavioural problems and facilitate the development of healthy personality